Why a Deck of Cards for Your League's Coaches?

Our product is simple. 52 good, fundamental drills for volunteer baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball or flag football coaches in a deck of cards. Some may call it "old-school." But when it comes to your coaches, "old-school" is better than no school. What do we mean by that? If you tell your coaches you want them to use an app that promises practice plans and streaming videos (and is free, to boot) you may think that's a no-brainer. That is until you check your coaches' phones. And find out that they never got around to downloading the app. See, you can physically hand them a CoachDeck at the coaches meeting and now you know they have everything they need to run great practices. Or you can hope that if you lead them to water (free app), they'll drink (actually download it). We're the experts in volunteer coach training. We're the most popular training tool in North America. We've been doing this over 16 years. And what we've learned is that busy volunteers won't download apps, won't go online and watch streaming videos and don't want to stand around wasting valuable practice time looking at their phones. They want something fast, handy and, (most importantly), fun. What's more fun than a deck of cards?

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