Who Needs CoachDeck

Who Needs CoachDeck

We recently heard from a youth baseball league Coaching Coordinator who said the following: I've gone through it and I like a lot of the drills.  I've been coaching several years now so most of these drills I already use, or I use a version of them. I would personally probably not get much out of these, and I'm guessing that the other more experienced coaches would feel the same. (That said, on those days where work ran late or I forgot to plan out a practice for whatever reason, if I had this handy, I may still flip through it to get ideas). However, I think for the guys coming up in Single A and AA, especially the new managers, this might be a nice tool for them to help get them started and get their practices a little more organized each week.

Our response was this: You have captured the intent of CoachDeck perfectly in your comments. For veteran coaches like yourself, CoachDeck is meant to be a quick, handy reminder of drills that have been used in the past, and for inexperienced coaches it is a lifeline that allows them to get out on the field with all the same confidence of someone who has coached for years.

The beauty of CoachDeck is it's ease of use. Even the most veteran coach, like the one above, will be unable to mentally scroll through every drill they've ever learned at a moment's notice. With a CoachDeck in their pocket, while the players take a quick water break, they can fan out the cards and pick the next activity in a matter of seconds. Every volunteer coach should have a CoachDeck!

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