Too many umpires?

We are not about to try to criticize or embarrass an umpire who is volunteering to work at the Little League World Series. It is a huge honor to be selected and they have to be the best to get the opportunity. And, they pay their own expenses and don't receive any compensation. They do it because they love youth baseball. Last night, in a critical situation during a critical game, an umpire, unfortunately, got in the way of a player trying to make a game-saving play. Once can tell from the ump's body language that he is trying his best to not obstruct the play. No doubt he feels terrible about this. Here is the question. Is it necessary to have six umpires on the small Little League field? It is understandable on a regulation-sized field but maybe Little League should look at reducing the number of blues out there to avoid this happening in the future, especially now that teams can utilize reply on close calls.

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