Training Resources

1. Initial Contact






CD Order Form 081916
Canadian Price Sheet
CoachDeck - Feedback
CoachDeck - Testimonials (Short Version)
Submitting Samples to Home Office
Procedure for Entering New Prospects in Big Contacts
Wav File: Sample Deck Script
Reply to Leagues Requesting Deck Via Email
Video: Finding Board Member Phone Numbers

II-A. Follow-up (New Samples)

CoachDeck - Complete Follow-up and Closing Sale (Outdated shipping charge)
Wav File: Initial Follow-up Voicemail
Reply To "We Like Them"
Response For "Will Show to Board"
Wav File: Follow-up on Meeting Voicemail
Wav File: Scared to Death
One Email Campaign Instructions

II-B. Follow-up (Warm Leads)

Procedure for Following-Up on Warm Leads
CoachDeck - Warm Leads Script
Wav File: Re-Order Client Voicemail
Note to new board member (General - Purchase)
Note to new board member (Baseball - No Purchase)
Note to new board member (Soccer/Basketball - No Purchase)
Sales Opportunity Campaigns
Be on the Lookout for Competitive-Only Soccer Clubs
One-Email Sales Opportunity Campaigns
Working with Tasks and Notes
Video: Using Big Contacts

III. Closing

Closing Questions
Response To Leagues Doing Clinics
Response To Leagues Hoping Their Coaches Will Buy
Response To Leagues That Might Be Hoping Their Coaches Will Buy
Response To Leagues That Want Decks Returned
Response To Free Online Resources
Response To Leagues Saying Too Expensive
Using Free Online Site - Letting Coaches Buy
We Have a Coaches Manual - Website with Same Drills
We Like Them But Cost is an Issue
Apathetic Coaches Objection and Rebuttal
Wav File: No Deviation From Price-Sheet
Wav File: Letting Coaches Buy
Wav File: League Does Coaching Clinics
Wav File: Getting Decks for 1-2 Divisions
Video: Finalizing a Sale in Big II-A. Follow-up (New Samples)

IV. Miscellaneous

Grand Slam Pricing