Will this be the new normal?

A baseball tournament recently laid out their rules to start play this coming month:

2020 Updated Covid 19 Safety Rules / Guidelines
Starting on May 9-10 thru June 1 we have had to make some changes to our normal tournament play. These are a combination of guidelines from the State as well as common sense rules to keep our kids, parents and umpires safe. As time goes we may be able to relax these rules. All coaches are responsible for their teams and parents. We will likely be under a lot of scrutiny so all rules must be complied with at all times.

1. All players and coaches must maintain 6 ft social distancing. Teams can allow 3 players in the dug outs at a time. All other players will spread 6 ft out behind the dug outs and down the fence lines.

2. In order to keep exposure to a minimum all game times will be as follows: 7/8u and all Softball will be 1:15 / All 9-18u Baseball will be 1:30.

3. No players or coaches may enter the dugouts until all other players equipment etc are out and the benches are sanitized. No players may share equipment. Benches will be sanitized between each game. Umpires / UIC will sanitize the balls every half inning.

4. There can be no hand shakes or fist pumps before or after the games. Please tip your hat to the opponents after the game from your dug outs.

5. Mound visits must maintain 6 ft distances. Base coaches must also maintain 6 ft distances and cannot touch a runner or player on or off the field.

6. All umpiring will be done behind the pitching mound with 6 ft spacing.

7. No coaches will be allowed on the field to disagree or argue a call. Coaches must call the umpire to their dug out with all questions and remaoin 6ft away. This is going to be an adjustment for us all so all coaches parents etc must show good sportsmanship and patience. Arguing balls and strikes will not be tolerated. The umpires are going to do the best they can from behind the mound. For the safety of all we will not allow aggressive arguing with any umpire or UIC.

8. Catchers will be asked to maintain a 6 ft distance from the front of home plate. The umpire will draw a line for the catcher to stay behind.

9. In order to maintain 6 ft distances there will be no lead offs or holding runners at bases. Base runner will not be allowed to steal until the pitcher releases the ball. Due to safety concerns there will be no stealing or advancing to home unless forced or batted in. Many of our umpires officiate baseball and softball so they experienced with this call. Once again they will be doing the best they can.

10. All spectators must stay in the outfield, outside the fence lines. All spectators must maintain social distancing of 6 ft at bathroom and concession areas. Please use judgment when bring senior citizens and others with health issues to the games.

11. Players and coaches should wash their hands after each game. Masks will not be mandatory unless ordered by the host venues guidance.

12. No bracket boards or merchandise will be at the park. All scores and bracket results will be posted on our website

13. There will be no outside food and drinks allowed at the park. No team water will be allowed. All individual player bottles must be marked with their name.

14. Any instances not listed above will be left up to our site director or UIC. All teams and coaches must adhere to these rules for the safety of everyone involved. All coaches will be held responsible for their players and parents. Please keep all people who are sick at home. Anyone sick or having bad allergies needs to take the week off. If a team or parents is found breaking these rules your team may be asked to forfeit the game. Once again there will be no arguing with any umpires or UIC. Their decisions will be final.

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