What I watched at a youth baseball field Saturday

Today I walked past a youth baseball field and I nearly saw a major injury. One team was warming up in throwing lines, which were way too close (there was plenty of room to spread the kids out) and a ball went over one player's head. He retrieved it 20 yards away from his spot in line and one of the other players had the presence of mind to say, "Don't throw it from there." The kid goes, "Why not?" The other player said, "I don't want you to hit me in the back." None of the coaches who were chatting behind the players had any clue this was going on. Well, the kid decided to chuck it from there anyway and it was heading right for the face of another player who was completely unaware he was about to be hit. I yelled, "HEADS UP HEADS UP HEADS UP!" and the ball, thankfully, did not hit the player. A coach said thanks to me and I heard a couple chuckle and make the comment that it would be nice to get through the first game without anyone getting hit.

This EXACT scenario is covered in the SAFE Baseball/Softball online safety course. When coaches take this course, it changes their mindsets and makes them always on the lookout for unsafe situations.

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