Umpire Checklist

Here is a great umpire checklist which we’ve adapted from one found on the website for Lynnfield Little League in Lynnfield, MA.

Pregame meeting at home plate

• Ask for managers to meet at home plate.  Introduce coaches, umpires

• Discuss any local playing rules (time limit, playing boundaries, safety, etc.)

• Discuss the strike zone

• Discuss unsportsmanlike conduct by the players

• Discuss the pitch count rules and find out who the official scorer and pitch-count recorder are

• Discuss situations that may occur due to weather or darkness

• Inspect playing field for unsafe conditions

• Discuss no head-first slides, no on-deck hitter, players only warm only up pitchers and must wear mask.

• 5 game balls from home team 3 to home plate 2 to one base umpire. Home team supplies.

• Be sure players are not wearing any jewelry

• Be sure players are in uniform (shirts in, hats on)

• Inspect equipment for damage and to meet regulations

• Ensure that games start on time

During the Game — Umpires and Coaches

• Encourage coaches to help speed play by having catchers and players on the bench prepared and ready to take the field with two outs

• Make sure catchers are wearing the proper safety equipment

• Continually monitor the field for safety and playability

• Pitchers warming up in foul territory must have a spotter and catcher with helmet on

• Keep game moving — one minute or eight pitches to warm up the pitcher between innings

• Make calls loud and clear, signaling each properly

• Be in position to make every call

• No protesting of any judgment calls by the umpire

• Managers are responsible for keeping their fans and players on their best behavior

• Encourage everyone to think safety first!

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