The Importance of Volunteers

We just received an email from the President of a Little League who informed us that her league had been dissolved because of lack of volunteers. What a shame for those kids in the community.

What we hear from leagues using CoachDeck (, is that not only do more players come back to play every season, which means a healthy league with solid registration revenue, but more coaches volunteer to go again since they feel they did a better job.

Those of you who currently volunteer or have in the past should be proud of yourselves for being the backbone of your youth sports organizations. As you can see, without you, the kids you serve would not have a place to play. If you ever wonder if its worth it, or if your participation is really necessary, think what it would be like if no one was willing to help. Even if you sometimes feel that the parents who don’t spend their time as you do should be more appreciative, you can get all the gratitude you need every time a game is played in your league.

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