Team Parent Checklist

Prepare Player Roster
Names/phone numbers of players  and parents
Email distribution list of all parents

Assist in Assigning Volunteers
Snack Shack shifts

Snack Schedule
Prepare snack schedule for your team
Promote use of the Snack Shack for snacks.

Opening Day Support
Assemble your team for parade
Volunteer hours available

Support League Activities
Hand out fundraiser packets (if applicable)
Phone call/email reminders for your team’s picture day

Keep current on league activities and keep parents updated
Take your team’s views to appropriate board members
Encourage parent attendance at open board meetings

Coordinate Team Activities
End of season team party  (if desired)
Order trophies (as needed)
Manager / Coach’s gifts (if desired)

Inform your Parents of Potential Costs (if desired)
Lettering for shirts and hats
Uniform accessories  (i.e. belts, ¾ sleeve undershirt, socks)
End of season party and Manager / Coach appreciation gifts

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