Sideline Behavior Reminder

One of our clients, Pembroke Youth Soccer in Massachusetts, has a section of their website devoted to a helpful reminder about sideline behavior. These phrases below, unfortunately, can often be heard at youth soccer games, even at the youngest levels.

Sideline Behavior Reminder

As we get ready for the spring season, PYS would like to remind everyone about proper sideline behavior. Every year, about a third of the nation’s 141,000 soccer referees drop out. This is attributed largely to the verbal abuse dished out from the sidelines by parents and coaches. Unfortunately, Pembroke is not immune to this. For those of you who need a reminder, the following are examples of phrases that ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE:

“Call it both ways ref”
“That ball is out”
“That’s a corner kick, right ref?”

Please focus your energy on cheering for the efforts of the teams and players and not on influencing the officials.

Also, only players and coaches are permitted in the team areas.  Parents and other spectators should watch the game from outside the team area.

The need for this message is exactly why we created Supportive Parent ( The Supportive Parent presentation is designed to change the toxic culture in youth sports caused by overbearing parents.

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