More fun from ABF

News update from our friends at the American Baseball Foundation:

BASIC students devoured a mountain of pizza during BASIC 2020 Week 3.  This year’s program awards points for:   virtual classes attend with teacher, assignments completed, books read, videos of the students playing sports turned in and any extra work that they complete.   After amassing 50 points the family is treated to a pizza dinner delivered to their house.  All earned points go toward the program-ending raffle of visa gift cards.

Fifteen-year BASIC reading teacher, Ms. Lindi Wilson Clancy demonstrates her excitement as she commented on one of her students,  “Alondra made my week! She was so dedicated to completing assignments and participating in Zoom meetings. When she did not understand the activities or had a question about something, she did not hesitate to contact me to discuss. I loved her tenacity and persistence this week!”

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