Great News From PHIT America

These folks are doing their best to keep America fit. Please read below:

Hello Ambassadors for PHIT America,

Mike May, here, with PHIT America. 

I would like to thank you for all your support for our cause to reverse physical inactivity in America since PHIT America was formed on January 1, 2013. 

A few days ago, we launched our new website -- it’s  It tells our story and clearly shows our progress to date and our goals/challenges moving forward.

And, we have a special ’Tools’ page for things you can use to promote our ‘Movement’ to get America Physically Active!!

I also want you to know that we are starting a new PHIT America Blog and we would love for you to share it with your social media network. 

If you have not done so and want to be closer to the news from PHIT America, please like us and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Thanks for all your help and support…..and let’s get America physically active, starting with more P.E. in our schools. 

Finally, I have attached a news release that reports on the progress we are making in the Pacific Northwest with a foundation (the Julia Love Pritt Private Foundation) in Seattle which is aligned with the goals of PHIT America.

Mike May (

PHIT America

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