Did Fans Used to Be More Hardcore?

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Here is a random thought that occurred to me: Did sports fans attending live events used to be more passionate? I was thinking about some of the teams from my youth and that led me to begin envisioning the games they played at venues that we now think of as prehistoric. Back then, teams weren't concerned about "fan experience," only winning and losing. Fans did not come to games to see a beautiful stadium and sample gourmet food. On the contrary, the arenas were often dirty and uncomfortable. The bathroom facilities were less than pleasant and your menu choices were beer and soda, burgers and hot dogs. Consequently ticket prices were more affordable, which meant that the average, blue collar family could go see a game or two. 

I'm not one of those grumpy old guys who pines for the "good old days." But I also understand that not all change is for the better. 

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