David Justice ABF Highllights

From our friends at the American Baseball Foundation:

On January 18, 2019 Atlanta Braves star David Justice flew across the United States to entertain over 300 Central Alabama fans at the ABF’s 18th annual Lead Off Dinner with his vivid stories of his development as a player and his many post-season exploits.

He described growing up poor with great support from his mother and several coaching mentors who carried him to baseball practice on many occasions.  He said that he gave up basketball wind sprints for the green pastures of the baseball outfield. When he pounded a couple of "moon shoots" against Division 1 pitching, Justice began his professional baseball career that had him pitted against post-season opponents in every one of his Major League seasons.

David now counsels young ballplayers to obtain an education so that they can contribute to society for the many years after their baseball careers.

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