Comments from CoachDeck Customers

Below are some of the comments we’ve received most often from leagues across the country using CoachDeck

“Most coaches lack either experience or time to prepare, or both. However, if you give a busy volunteer coach a DVD or book, he’s going to think, “this means more work,” and put it on the shelf. If you give him a CoachDeck he really will look through it and use it at practice.”

“CoachDeck is portable. It can be carried in a pocket, making it more likely to be used.”

“A coach who didn’t have time to prepare a practice plan can literally show up straight from work and pull a few cards out of the deck and run a great practice.”

“CoachDeck can be divided up. If a coach has a couple of helpers they can each take a card and break the players into stations, providing more concentrated activity and better training.”

“We only get a percentage of our coaches to attend clinics, and those who do go forget most of what was shown by the time their first practice rolls around. Now our volunteers always have professional coaching support whenever they need it.”

“Kids will benefit from more consistency. A player who has you as the coach this season will have a new coach next year. But if all of the coaches are using the same drills and calling them by the same names year after year, kids won’t have to waste valuable practice time relearning new systems each season.”

“Most of our rookie coaches are scared to death because they don’t know what they’re supposed to do at practice. CoachDeck is a confidence-builder and roadmap to ensure they run a quality practice each time.” “For veteran coaches, CoachDeck is a quick, handy review of many drills they already know and some new ones they’ll love to try.”

“Every drill has a unique, “Make it a game,” feature that turns an ordinary drill into a fun and exciting competition that simulates game-day intensity. Many coaches run drills but don’t turn
them into games that kids love.”

“Kids who are bored at practice are less likely to want to continue playing. Coaches who feel they are not doing a great job are less likely to want to come back again next season. CoachDeck will reduce turnover on both fronts.”

“Our parents commented that this was the best season of coaching they’d ever had.”

Shouldn’t your league’s coaches have the finest tools available to make this a successful season for all?

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