BASIC Book Club Hosts Facsinating Guests

From our friends at the American Baseball Foundation:

Writing a book on index cards! Overcoming numerous rejections by book publishers! Working for a computer magazine company! Always looking for the key concept to make a book interesting for young readers! Who is this? Author of more than 135 books for children Mr. Dan Gutman. Dan kindly joined our BASIC Book Club on September 30th to explain to our students what is necessary to be successful. He stated “never give up” several times as he showed our children the many rejection letters that he received for his first book, Honus & Me. A New York native and fan of the New York Mets baseball team, Dan, at the behest of our students, explained how he researched each new book by reading many books on the subject and how his methodically writes the outline of the book on index cards. This explains why his books are fast-moving depictions of interesting flashes that children love to read.

The book club meets via zoom each Wednesday evening at 6:30 for one hour. BASIC students pre-read book chapters and then spend the hour competing regarding its content. New members are welcome, as it is free for all students. It is possible that your child learns one of life’s most valuable lessons—“Never Give Up”. 205-558-4235

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