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This email came across our desk from a Little League President who needed board input on a disciplinary matter. It sounds like this Board of Directors has their act together…too bad some of the parents don’t.

This is why we created Supportive Parent

Hello fellow board members,

There is a situation that has come up that requires immediate board attention. I will brief you all via this email, then at the end I have the proposed actions to be taken. Please vote for the action you deem situation appropriate. Please do so ASAP. Thanks.

Here is the situation…

On Saturday past at the Major Tiger vs Red Sox game, there was a bit of a scuffle during a play at home plate in the last inning of the game. There was a runner on third base, when the batter grounded the ball back to the pitcher and took off for first base, the third base runner proceeded home to score the run. As a fielder choice play, the pitcher threw the ball to the catcher (who according to all testimonies received) clearly had the bell in PLENTY of time to tag the runner out. The runner did not attempt to avoid a home plate collision by sliding or by stopping. Some testimony states he did indeed drop his shoulder into the play, where other testimony states that was not seen. Needless to say the umpire called the runner out at home for NO OTHER REASON other than he was clearly out by the tag.

However, when the runner came in he collided with the catcher and they both hit the ground. They were entangled when they fell. The catcher (who still had the ball IN HIS HAND) attempted to get up to throw the ball to the first baseman to get the runner out at first. Because the two (catcher and runner) were entangled from the collision, the catcher was unsuccessful in his attempt to get up with out then re tripping over the runner hence stepping on his chest that was proceeded by a minor kick with the cleat. All of the actions on the catcher’s part have been deemed ACCIDENTAL and NOT INTENTIONAL at all by the officials; however, the mother of the runner (steppee) charged the fence and began to scream and yell at the officials and the catcher. She was using excessive profanity toward the situation that escalated into several other parents jumping from the bleachers as well to chime in. A coach of the steppee was coaching third base and attempted to quiet the spectator (his own wife) as well as the manager of the catcher (stepper) came out of his dug out and shouted to the mother of the steppee to please watch her language and to please calm down as there are children present and her behavior is not acceptable.

There were two board members at the game that witnessed the entire event and they quickly stepped up and defused the situation and made attempts to talk to all parties involved, with the exception of the mother of the steppee. Immediately after the play was finished she went to the dugout, pulled her son from it and ripped his shirt off screaming at the catcher and the umpire that her son had in fact been intentionally stepped on and why weren’t they going to do anything about it. She then left the field with the steppee.

The two board members never did get a chance to talk to the mother of the steppee. They did, however, talk to the home plate umpire who deemed the incident an accident. I also have received a letter of complaint from parent of the stepper, expressing her disapproval of the way the incident was (or rather was not) handled at the time it took place by all parties involved.

A meeting was held last night which included myself, the manager of both teams, the player agent, (one of the board members present & witness to the event), and the Umpire in Chief. At this meeting we discussed the situation in depth and we also came to the determination that the situation A) could have been handled differently by all parties involved B) the manager’s are going to be talking to the players involved to make sure that this is behind them.

Which brings me to the purpose of the email. The mother of the player was clearly upset at the fact her son had been stepped on and was also, looked to be, stepped on. However, her actions at the field and the profanity used by her even after she was asked by the coach (her husband), the opposing manager, and the board member present is a DIRECT VIOLATION of our “Parent Code of Conduct” which warrants disciplinary action be taken on our part as a board.

I believe the action necessary for such behavior is for the parent to be suspended from attending the next game, which is this upcoming Thursday evening.

Here’s where the vote comes in…

A) Do we want to suspend her from the next game?
B) Do we want to suspend her until she can come before the board for disciplinary review?

Please get back to me ASAP with your vote…option A or option B so we can notify the parent in plenty of time.

Thanks for your immediate attention and response regarding this matter.

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