American Baseball Foundation's 2020 Summer BASIC Begins

From our friends at the American Baseball Foundation:

Our First Summer Drill

Challenged with adjustment, the ABF has tweaked its summer BASIC program to ensure movement during June. Fifty students run, jump, read and play with books, math lessons and sports equipment supplied to their families.

Each student tests for reading and math to then be assigned to a highly-experienced BASIC teacher who works with him/her in reading or math. Teachers provide the motivation as they reward the students for reading, doing the math correctly, making videos of themselves as they move to improve their vocabularies.

June 1st heralded the commencement date for BASIC summer fun and action. After amassing fifty points, students win family pizzas and at the 300 point level families enter the program-ending drawing for three $150.00 Visa cards. Students can also win individual prizes for their extra-credit work.

In life as well as sports, the ability to adjust is the key to victory!

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