American Baseball Foundation Book Club

From our friends at ABF:

It is surprising to find out what the ABF BASIC program means to its participants.   Over the last fifteen years BASIC children have had the privilege of working with our resident reading expert, Ms. Lindi Wilson Clancy.   Lindi loves the children and they reciprocate.   From a program viewpoint, BASIC has reaped the fruits of her work both during the summer and during the school year, as she constantly helps prepare new curriculum materials for the children.

 Lindi feels as if she has benefited as per her comments to an ABF donor,

 “Being a teacher at B.A.S.I.C provided me with the opportunity to glean information from people I would probably have never met if it were not for this program. My participation has been a catalyst in decisions I have made in my own career that has had a positive effect on my teaching and my understanding of my students, parents, and colleagues. Thank you so much for your support in providing the means for this program to flourish. Without your support, we would not have been able to provide a community of friendship, sportsmanship, collaboration, fun, and most importantly, love.”

It might be odd that Lindi would leave out reading achievement in her list of “goodies” that  BASIC provides.   However, reading and math gains come within the milieu of the five variables that she mentions.  Why not learning something when you are having so much fun?

The ABF has created a new BASIC Book Club.  Presently the club members are reading, Mamie Peanut Johnson, A Strong Right Arm.  Ms. Johnson (RIP) writes in her autobiography how she tore down walls with a strong right arm, a three-inch ball and most of all her dreams.  The club meets via the internet each Wednesday at 6:30 pm.   All students are welcome to join.   Contact 

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