ABF Never Gives Up

From our friends at the American Baseball Foundation:

Telephoning you soliciting donations can be demoralizing at times.  Modern technology has enabled the would-be donor to screen calls. I have to follow our motto reiterated constantly to our young BASIC children—“Never give up”.  

Several years ago I visited Asia quite often, teaching and developing baseball throughout.  When in Manila, Philippines I was always housed in the same hotel, relatively close to the baseball stadium.  On my way to baseball practice each day I passed a family of four, three of which, the mom and two very young children, seemed to be in the same place which was at the side wall of a government building.  At one point I noticed that the dad was a taxi driver of sorts. He had a pedal cab that he hired out to carry people from one place to the next.  As I repeated my visits, it became clear that they made their home on the side of the building.  

I recall this family as one struggling to survive in an environment of heavy rains, constant noise and suffocating fuel fumes.  They inspire me to make another call on behalf of the children that the ABF serves here in Central Alabama.  Though I have never seen such adverse physical conditions in the USA, the families we serve deserve my “never give up” attitude. I feel that they are worth it.  

Join the American Baseball Foundation for its 18th annual Lead Off Dinner featuring Atlanta Braves star, David Justice on Friday, January 18th, 2019.  In June 2000, the New York Yankees were desperate for power and traded for Justice. That year in New York and Cleveland he combined to smash 41 homers and drive in 118 runs, won MVP of the American League Championship Series and the second of his world titles.

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