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Press Release

CoachDeck LLC Enlists Peak Performance Sports as Special Consultant

San Diego, CA May 15, 2009 – CoachDeck LLC (, a San Diego, CA-based company, has announced that Peak Performance Sports, ( will serve as a special consultant to CoachDeck, providing sports psychology and mental training strategies to CoachDeck users.

CoachDeck manufactures and distributes unique decks of cards containing 52 color-coded drills designed to assist volunteer youth sports coaches. With CoachDeck, parent-volunteers who lack experience and/or time to prepare can literally show up straight from work and conduct a fun and meaningful practice by simply pulling a few cards out of the deck.

Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck, is eager to work with Peak Performance Sports. "Our product provides the nuts and bolts required to run great drills and make practice fun. However, there is an art to communicating with youngsters that is an essential element of effective coaching. We believe that providing awareness of the Peak Performance message to our customers is a positive step towards ensuring that volunteer coaches have all the tools they need to be successful.”

Dr. Patrick Cohn, who has a PhD. in Applied Sports Psychology, is the president and founder of Peak Performance Sports in Orlando, Florida. Experts in the field of sports psychology consider him the leading authority on mental skills for entering the zone and pre-performance routines, largely based upon his extensive research. He is a mentor to many in the field of sports psychology and provides performance enhancement skills through mental game coaching for individual and team athletes. “A prepared coach is an effective coach,” he says. "Yet since so many volunteer coaches don’t have adequate time to prepare, CoachDeck provides instant knowledge and expertise.".

About CoachDeck
CoachDeck cards were created to assist the millions of hard-working youth sports volunteers and parents who would like to help players learn important skills and fundamentals though fun drills and games. Designed by professional coaches, the drills in CoachDeck can be performed by players from 6-16 and are laid out in a fast, easy-to-understand format that allows coaches to conduct an extremely effective practice with little or no preparation.

Brian Gotta, Principal