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Press Release

CoachDeck Introduces Unique "Deck of Cards" Training Tool for Coaches and Parents

San Diego, CA January 11, 2007 -- CoachDeck LLC (, a San Diego, CA-based company, has announced the release of a new and unique training tool for parents and coaches of youth baseball players. "CoachDeck" is a standard-sized deck of cards containing over 50 color-coded professional drills designed to teach skills and fundamental techniques to youngsters from 6-16.

Each year, millions of parents volunteer to help coach youth baseball teams. Millions more spend time in the backyard or park giving instruction to their children. CoachDeck is the first deck of cards to provide a nearly endless combination of drills and enjoyable games that will make kids want to practice.

CoachDeck for Baseball was designed by Brian Gotta, a former professional baseball coach who now volunteers as a Little League coach and board member. In his ten years as a volunteer, Gotta has seen a glaring need for a training system for the coaches who are training the kids. In 2004, he and a partner launched, an online instructional course for youth coaches. CoachDeck, Gotta says, is the natural extension of CoachGuide.

"Youth sports coaches, for the most part, are well-intentioned but lack either fundamental knowledge or time to plan an effective practice, or both. CoachDeck can be used by the inexperienced rookie and the seasoned veteran alike. A coach can literally show up to practice straight from work, with no preparation, and run a dynamic and valuable clinic by simply opening up this deck of cards."

Though CoachDeck is primarily designed for the coach of the team, the drills in the deck, Gotta says, are easily adapted to one-on-one teaching as well.

"There are millions of parents who spend parts of their weekend at the park or in the backyard kicking the soccer ball or playing catch with their children. CoachDeck can benefit them as well, because now they can spend that same time teaching fundamental techniques that will improve their child’s skills in a manner everyone will enjoy."

While currently just available for baseball, the company will release CoachDeck for Soccer and Basketball in the Spring of 2007, and ultimately plans to have a deck for nearly every team sport.

"As youth sports participation grows, more non-mainstream sports are gaining popularity. We've identified as many as twenty sports that we believe can benefit from having a CoachDeck available. By tapping into less than 1% of the market, we believe that 500,000 decks per year is a realistic, short-term ambition."

About CoachDeck
CoachDeck cards were created to assist the millions of hard-working youth sports volunteers and parents who would like to help players learn important skills and fundamentals though fun drills and games. Designed by professional coaches, the drills in CoachDeck can be performed by players from 6-16 and are laid out in a fast, easy-to-understand format that allows coaches to conduct an extremely effective practice with little or no preparation.

Brian Gotta, Principal